Bid writing

“[Alec] helped us structure our bid and developed our non-price attributes to better reflect our true capabilities. He was great at highlighting special characteristics where we could stand out from the competition and strengthening our bids in ways that made a difference to the evaluators.”

“Alec exceeded all our expectations and he was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was always extremely courteous and the quality of Alec’s work was exceptional and meticulous. His vast experience in business writing was of great benefit to us as he was able to deliver efficient and effective service.”

Dave Redmond


Construction Management Group

Proposal writing

"“The final document has an excellent feel to it and Alec has added good value to the read and the final outcome.”

Infrastructure sector General Manager

Bid writing

“I have never seen better. A high quality, professional submission well and cleverly written.”

Tier 1 Telecommunications industry services client

Annual Report

"Alec is very professional, responsive, available out of hours, work is first rate.

Alec’s work has been good throughout, we are nearly finished the annual report now, working together well."

Company Secretary, Manufacturing company

Business proposal

"We have received some really positive feedback on the tender from the Procurement Manager at [client]. He said that he has seen hundreds of documents over the years and ours was one of the best he’s seen. Yay!!!! He liked the look of it and the way it read, so congrats to both of you from us at ______ for all your hard work on this tender."

Business Development Co-ordinator, Facilities Management company