Recently I've been seeking a way to give back to my community, in some way that is more than a gesture, and in a way that might have some lasting effect.

City Crowds
Much of my work is deadline driven, but I'm actively making space to balance work-time with life-time. When I'm not paying the mortgage, I want to spend some of my time helping others.
A helping hand to get into work

I've realised I can use my business and technical writing skills to help people get into work. I'm thinking of people who couldn't otherwise get there, being limited by such things as lack of money, limited education or language and cultural barriers.

I'm especially interested in helping refugees get established in New Zealand. I'm working with a couple of agencies initially to help people with writing their CVs.

If you know someone who needs help in writing a business document, such as a CV, who couldn't afford to pay a commercial service to do it, please contact me. Maybe I can help.


A helping hand for our environment

Since moving to Christchurch, I'm started getting into some environmental volunteering, including the wonderful Port Hills Restoration initiatives led by CCC rangers (

Port Hills Planting day.png