“I love writing and I find great satisfaction in getting the message across.
I most enjoy developing deep understanding of your business so I can add value through insight and inspiration: thinking smart to bridge the gap between you and your audience.”

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Alec Brown

Loves reading. Will read anything, from the side of a Weetbix box to world history. Tackles cryptic crosswords with mixed results. Can be found in the garden at all hours, in all weathers.

I am Graphos.


With Graphos you'll get clear, coherent writing that meets your needs. And more than this: listening and learning to build deep understanding, I'll make connections and offer insights that help bridge the gap between you and your audience.

I bring to my documentation contracts a unique mix of technical and business writing, document production and bid management experience, built on engineering and marketing communication skills.


For the last eight and a half years, I've been a full time professional writer, working for Plan A, New Zealand's leading tender writing consultancy, specialising in business and technical documentation. Prior to 2010 I worked in software marketing and publishing, and as a reporter, after gaining an Engineering degree.

"Alec’s writing style is direct, error‐free, and often inspired...

The  environment  is demanding  and  intellectually  challenging.  It  frequently  involves  rapid  synthesis  of  varied  inputs
ranging from policy documents to meeting observations and minutes; independent research; and even PowerPoint or Excel information sources. Alec frequently needed to interpret and re‐write technical information into an easily understood format..."

Caroline Boot, Managing Director, Plan A


What I do

I write, manage and produce: user manuals and technical manuals; bids, tenders and proposals; promotional brochures and booklets; awards submissions; presentations; annual reports and online content.

Breadth of industry experience

Working as a contractor, I've gained valuable knowledge across a wide range of industry sectors, including civil construction and maintenance, manufacturing and distribution, infrastructure, airports, IT, health, security, advertising and tourism.


Where I do it

I'm based in Christchurch. I've worked successfully with clients nationwide and as far afield as Australia and Ireland.

  • Wrote the drivers’ manual for a nationwide dangerous goods transport company

  • Developed new maintenance document checklists to support businesses maintenance strategies in a manufacturing firm

  • Wrote the user manual for a corporate energy use and greenhouse gas management tool

  • Delivered or participated in contract winning bids for scores of organisations

  • Wrote numerous awards submissions leading to awards successes

  • Led the bid that won a multi-million-dollar roads maintenance contract