You need something written: a report or an operating procedure; a tender, bid or proposal;  a plan or a manual; a presentation, online content or marketing material.

You can do it yourself, or divert staff to do it.

But the opportunity cost is high and, let's face it, writing isn't your core business.


If you need to get a message across, contact Graphos.

Graphos is all about producing effective, compelling writing for your business and technical documentation needs.



Business Proposals | Company Reports | Bids and Tenders | Management plans | Operating procedures | Technical manuals | User manuals |

Web content | Presentations | White Papers |

Case studies



"I was absolutely delighted – really thrilled with the work done ...

Genuinely delighted with the end product..."

"Alec completed thorough and timely research to prepare content for each of the technical documents and prepared these documents against our template requirements."